Saturday, 2 September 2017

Louis Braille

This term, Room 16 are learning about Innovations. As their CRT teacher (their 'one-day-a-week' teacher), I have decided to focus on Innovators to link with their Inquiry focus.

And how exciting, this learning has already been!

Last week we looked at Da Vinci and his amazing ideas in his journals. We discovered that innovators may not actually be the person who invents the new creation, but sometimes is also the person who has the new idea. We decided to become "Wonderers" like Da Vinci and chose different things to 'wonder' about, such as eyes, and hands, and skeletons, and animals. It was fascinating!

This week we are going to learn about Louis Braille, and how is innovation changed the way an entire group of people learn. What an amazing and inspiring person he was - I can't wait for my students to begin to also be inspired by him also!


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