Tuesday, 14 November 2017

New Laws Around Physical Restraint in Schools

Staff Meeting: Understand Behaviour - Responding Safely (UBRS)

LAWS around using physical restraint in schools

(Click on image for link to document)

What is physical restraint? The Act defines physical restraint as using physical force to prevent, restrict, or subdue the movement of a student’s body or part of the student’s body

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Sketching Bees

Today I had a class for 45 minutes while my class was being taken by another teacher for sport. What to do? Well, I knew that this particular team was studying bees this term so I uploaded a youtube tutorial on sketching bees and that is what we did.

And the end result was AMAZING! The children were so proud of their work. Even children who found art hard completed AMAZING work! It was fantastic and very rewarding, something I will DEFINITELY do again :>

Friday, 29 September 2017

Mrs Manuyag's Site

Here is a site I am beginning to play around with, a site where children have more control over their learning - with extension work, independent learning activities, homework, and opportunities for children to continue, and complete their learning at home. 

I've based the above site on my first learning site that I created and used with my Year 5/6 students in 2012. It was a HUGE learning curve, and the learning is STILL continuing!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Book Tasting - Room 15!

It is book week this week at Onehunga Primary! The amazing Mrs Tu'ugasala decided to investigate different genres of books with her class, and did this by creating a Book Tasting restaurant in her classroom. 

Completely inspiring!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Collaborative Snapshot - R17

WALT write a vivid description.
SC: I can use my senses to create vivid sentences. I can use similes, metaphors and personifications in my writing.

Class: Room 17

Year: 5&6
Age: 9-10 year olds

The wind howled across my face, the icy wind making me go blue. Tears were trickling down my cheeks as everything I loved was being destroyed right before me. The screams of the villagers echoed through the mountains. And then I heard it. Steps in the snow. I look up. A dark green scaly body with a blood red spine and mysterious blistered wings emerging behind its head rose up before me. Pointy, frighteningly black, sharp claws, as sharp as a knife, were digging into the pale white snow. Blood dripped from its teeth, pooling on the white snow. Blood red flaming evil eyes of death stared at me. I see fire and flames bursting through its nostrils, about to come out of its mouth, beginning to melt the hard white snow at its feet. Its lava filled body was scorching hot - I felt like a french fry in a fire, my bones aching in the heat waves. Goosebumps ran along my skin. A stench of death and old vomit flowed towards me on it’s horrifying breath. The ferocious piercing eyes stared down at me. Watching. Waiting. With fearful anticipation I watched the fire flickering from its mouth, smoky breath breathing anger over. Growling with the lowest growl, it started to step forward. Will I survive?

Remember to BOLT!

Need a reminder on how to blog? Here it is!

Sunday, 3 September 2017

How to Blog - Junior Team Notes

For the Junior team meeting today we are learning about how to blog. I thought I would refer back to the movie I helped students make at Tamaki Primary school on this very subject - How to Blog!

How to Blog from Maryanne Manuyag on Vimeo.

This movie is relevant for Google Drawings, Google Slides, or any DLO (Digital Learning Object) that you want to blog that has an HTML code to enter.

  • For blogging an image (eg. photo, a screenshot from your computer, poster on computer), you need to click on the  image from the blogger toolbar.
  • For blogging a movie or clip already downloaded to your desktop, click on the  symbol on the blogger toolbar.

One of THE most important things to remember when blogging is "BOLT" - that is:

  • B - blurb (explanation or writing in the "Compose" part of the blog post)
  • O - object (something exciting for your viewer - picture, photo, clip, poster...)
  • L - Label (see the movie above for the "how to" for this)
  • T - Title
If you have remembered these things, you have a solid blog post! This is a good thing to teach your students, once you get to the stage of students blogging too - they need to remember to BOLT every time they blog!

EXTRA - an extra thing you can do is to 'Schedule' your posts. This is especially useful if you have a whole heap of the same thing to put onto your blog - eg 30 narratives or 30 pieces of artwork! It will mean that one piece of work will pop up on your blog when you have scheduled it, rather than everything on one day. To do this, simply type up your blog post (remembering to BOLT of course!) and then click on schedule, and click on the day you would like it to go on your blog! It means that when you click publish, you will be able to see it on your "All Posts" page, but it won't go onto your blog until you have scheduled it. 

Enjoy blogging! Any questions, please ask in the comments section and I will reply :>