Monday, 4 September 2017

Collaborative Snapshot - R17

WALT write a vivid description.
SC: I can use my senses to create vivid sentences. I can use similes, metaphors and personifications in my writing.

Class: Room 17

Year: 5&6
Age: 9-10 year olds

The wind howled across my face, the icy wind making me go blue. Tears were trickling down my cheeks as everything I loved was being destroyed right before me. The screams of the villagers echoed through the mountains. And then I heard it. Steps in the snow. I look up. A dark green scaly body with a blood red spine and mysterious blistered wings emerging behind its head rose up before me. Pointy, frighteningly black, sharp claws, as sharp as a knife, were digging into the pale white snow. Blood dripped from its teeth, pooling on the white snow. Blood red flaming evil eyes of death stared at me. I see fire and flames bursting through its nostrils, about to come out of its mouth, beginning to melt the hard white snow at its feet. Its lava filled body was scorching hot - I felt like a french fry in a fire, my bones aching in the heat waves. Goosebumps ran along my skin. A stench of death and old vomit flowed towards me on it’s horrifying breath. The ferocious piercing eyes stared down at me. Watching. Waiting. With fearful anticipation I watched the fire flickering from its mouth, smoky breath breathing anger over. Growling with the lowest growl, it started to step forward. Will I survive?

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